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Baby color pictures

Baby color pictures, pictures of precious babies to print, cut, paste and use in your children's crafts. pictures to decorate your baby shower bay, from the invitations to gifts or to decorate boxes with decoupage technique. Choose your color picture drink for your child craft.

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Label jars kitchen

Label jars kitchen, in pictures and drawings to print I have made some very special labels to decorate the kitchen jars, take the printer and begins to change the decor of your kitchen with small details like start tagging with these tags cooking your bottles ...

Mickey birthday cards

Mickey birthday cards, free printable mickey mouse birthday invitations disney most wanted. Mickey with different decorations for birthdays can use them as inspiration and know how to make birthday cards free printable mickey mouse. Edit your invitations and customize them for your little birthday.

Picture of gothic woman

Image of gothic women, pictures of beautiful women known as Gothic, Darkis, sinister, etc.., A goth girl is a young woman who undergoes a strange physical and psychological metamorphosis usually between 12 and 25 years. Are known for wearing extremely marked pallor, sometimes near the albinism, accompanied by a strange black color around the eyes and lips and a cold and distant as if it were a vampire attitude.


Animals, funny animals and fun for children. Laminates for decorating children learn numbers, learn to type, insurance preschool teachers will use these pictures of animals to teach kids in his class. Animals to decorate baby shower or to embroider the Resume, baby bibs with these animals to print. 

Silhouettes of animals for printing

Silhouettes of animals for printing pages with different animals to print and cut. Silhouettes of mammals jungle animals, sea animals silhouettes, silhouettes of butterflies to print ... animal print the sheet that you like or print them all, cut them and learn from fun animals.

Bills to print and color

Bills to print and color, becomes a boring afternoon in an afternoon of fun making their own money with these tickets to print and color free, they can color them, add the proper amount of the ticket while having fun will help them begin to add and subtract playing with them. For preschool teachers is an excellent resource to have in class and start with the first addition and subtraction in practical ways. These notes in black and white to color can be customized in the country you are.